Trexler Park Anniversary Session

March 11, 2018, was a chilly but sunny day in Allentown, Pennsylvania. I imagine it was much this was on March 11, 2017 when this couple first started dating. Even though the snow and cold has left things looking “rather dreary”, we could not have asked for a better day to take photos to celebrate Rebecca and Greg’s one-year anniversary! The grass had a hint of green (as spring had tried to come and failed), the sun was shining, and the sky was blue. I think there were even birds chirping in the distance, and squirrels were darting up trees. A perfect afternoon for photos, if you ask me!

Before Rebecca and Greg started dating, I knew them both and was so excited when I found out that they were dating! I have known Greg since he was little, and Rebecca I have known for the past few years. Greg is, Lord-willing, graduating from Rowan University in May with a degree in engineering (I forget which type). Rebecca, is hard at work in Med School, finishing up research, and about to start her fourth year. She has such a passion for kids, and I am so excited to take my kids to Dr. Rebecca, the pediatrician one day! Rebecca and Greg, you both have hearts for the Lord and for others, and I am very excited to see how God continues to lead you and use you!

The specific location for this shoot, was also very intentional. Trexler park has become a frequently visited place for these two. They have spent many an afternoon taking long walks, climbing trees, and even losing cell phones! Thankfully, a kind soul returned the phone. Also, Rebecca and Greg, you guys were champs as I asked you to climb into the swampy weeds, just so I could get that perfect lighting and layering! Thank you for letting me capture some images that I hope you will cherish!


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