An Exciting Birthday Surprise..


It is with great anticipation that I can finally write this blog post! Several weeks ago, I promised I would blog this photoshoot, but I deliberately waited…

That is because Dwight and Liz were waiting until their daughter Savanna turned 1, to announce that they are pregnant again! I love keeping secrets, but I love to share them even more!! Come September, there will be another baby in this family!

Savanna, who turned one-years-old yesterday, is one of the sweetest girls I know. She brings joy and smiles to all who are around her. Despite the fact that she has two parents who love dodgeball and are competitive, Savanna is quite the little princess. Although she can walk a little, she prefers to crawl, as she is currently faster at that. Some of her most prized possessions are her ducks. She can not go anywhere without her ducks!

Despite her cuteness, she is quite the stinker. This photoshoot consisted of a lot of tears, a lot of applesauce, and “It’s a small world” playing on shuffle. To say a photoshoot of a one-year-old is an easy feat, would be a lie. Nonetheless, I had a blast and would do it again. Stay tuned for more exciting blog posts(and maybe more surprises) coming soon!

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