Family Fun in April

A family of four, the Moyer family is an energetic, friendly family that is always on the go! Alex and Anna are amazing parents to Chase and Kaden! Both boys, growing like weeds, love sports and are always looking to climb and jump on things.

Chase, who is the oldest, said his favorite photo was the one by the water, and asked if he could get it hung up in his room! He is a competitive football player, but yet has such a sweet spirit!

Kaden, always running and climbing on things, wanted to be in every picture with mom! Even though he wanted pictures with just mom, we did not forget about including dad in some!

It has been such a joy getting to know the Moyer’s at church and watch their boys grow up. Hard to believe that soon Chase will be a teenager and that Kaden is not 5 anymore!

So many exciting things have been happening this year! Stay tuned for another exciting blog post!

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