The element of surprise..

Welcome to my blog! As a pre-nursing student, part-time certified medical assistant, and young life leader, life keeps me busy! Photography is something I am passionate about, and I hope to blog weekly, to let everyone know what exciting things are happening!


These quizzes were hard, but fun! 

This past Sunday, my friends, family, and I, were able to shower my best friend with a bridal shower! She is getting married at the end of June, in Alabama, so we thought a surprise shower would be fun and unexpected! And boy, was she surprised!


Since I helped plan the shower, and am a bridesmaid, I did not take as may photos as I wanted to! Any other photographers ever feel like that after an event? Surprises are so fun, but they are also nice once over! It is nice to know that I no longer have to lie to my best friend!

Looking forward to a wonderful spring, and stayed tuned for the sneak peeks from today’s crazy photo session in Bethlehem! Maybe I’ll even share my first ever self-portrait! Stay tuned!

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